Photo: Toronto In Time

Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia has recently launched a new app that aims to make history exciting and accessible. Toronto In Time was released at the end of October and was made by 7th Floor Media at SFU, a Lifelong Learning educational web-development team. The app is the Toronto version of the already available Vancouver app that uncovers stories from the city, taking you visually from the present into the past.

The app allows one to get geo-targeted information about historically significant locations and landmarks and plan routes to visit them. Curated walking routes and location services make it effortless and fun to learn about Toronto’s past. The app is free and is available for both apple and android operating systems.

As an example of one of the features I have included some screenshots of one of the locations, and the options you have.

1. I checked out the map of my immediate area to see what landmarks they had.

2. I clicked on the closest marker and this title popped up.

3. Clicking on the title brings you to a description and a story of the location.

4 & 5. Clicking on THEN & NOW brings you to this screen where you can select between a photo of the landmark in the past and one photo of the landmark in the present.

There are currently 150 locations like this one loaded into the app.

Map ViewPhoto: #1

Selected Location

Photo: #2

Event and Description at Location

Photo: #3

Past Photo

Photo: #4

Present Photo

Photo: #5

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