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Buying jeans that are just a bit too tight and cluttering our fridges with images cut from fitness magazines are just some ways we try to motivate ourselves to hit the gym. It does work to some degree until our alarm is buzzing at 5:30am and we decide it’s only one day so we’re going to skip the workout but tomorrow we’ll be right back on. Then before we know it, it’s been three months and those jeans are stuffed way in the back of the closet never to be seen again.



It’s hard to stay motivated but having someone else there with you is a huge help. Enter iWontLose. It’s more than just videos and an online community, it’s real -in the flesh- support. Adam Ali, the founder of iWontLose, is a fitness professional and a Community Program Coordinator. He focuses on youth empowerment but his initiative speaks to all. Visit his website once and you’ll be hooked.

Tell us what iWontLose is all about and why Toronto needs it.

iWontLose is a fitness and sport lifestyle brand. We are a brand for the underdogs and dream-chasers. Toronto has so much untapped talent and iWontLose strives to empower youth to ignite the spark within to become relentless in their life pursuits.

What is your fitness background? Have you always known you wanted to be a Personal Trainer and Motivational Speaker? If not, what was your turning point?

I am a certified fitness professional – I graduated from college with a fitness and health promotion education. I knew I wanted to stay fit and there’s no better way to do that than by keeping myself accountable to those who I mentor. I walk the walk so that others can walk next to me.

How much has the iWontLose community grown since you started it?

There has been awesome growth, especially through social media. I also get tons of emails daily from people sharing their stories and telling me that my videos have helped them. It fuels me to keep publishing more motivational content. It’s a lifestyle! You charge forward with the attitude that I-Won’t-Lose, and if others label the attempt a failure, you will win the LESSON.

What are The Goodfit Battles and how did they start? Why did you decide to target youth in this event?

Being a community program coordinator I wanted to start an initiative to get the community out from their homes to see fitness in action. I also wanted to expose youth to active living. I partnered with PHARMAFREAK co-founder, Alex Savva, to come up with this idea of having a community fitness challenge. We targeted youth because we wanted to get them excited about fitness at a young age before they adopt the drop-out mentality. They seem to be totally engaged and the community has come full-circle in supporting the event.


Contestants, community members and Adam Ali (top row, black jacket) at The Goodfit Battles – photo courtesy of SNAP North York

You’ve hosted two battles so far with more to come each month. How successful have they already been and how have the participants reacted to The Goodfit Battles?

Saturday, June 8th will be the next event. The response has been nothing short of incredible! Participants have been coming into The Spider’s Web community centre gym and training really hard. The competition really gives people something to work out for.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone struggling to get healthy?

The iWontLose motto is: losing is not about not winning, it’s about not trying. Just try! Start. I promise you the first gains you make will motivate you to keep going because it’ll remind you of the pain it took to achieve this initial progress. That will set the foundation to want more.

We noticed on your website, one of your services offers a special price package to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. We need to know more about this…

I touched the sky!
No I really did. www.touchthesky2012.com
I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro this past summer, which is the highest free-standing mountain in the world. I made great connections with a few local trek organizers in Tanzania who have extended their discounts and services to those who come through the iWontLose platform.

You are an official sponsored athlete for PHARMAFREAK (which is co-owned by Alex Savva – see our CircuitFIT feature here). What are some of your favourite Toronto healthy businesses?

Alex Savva has been paramount in the growth of iWontLose and I am humbled to be part of the amazing team he has formed.

Some of my favorite health businesses would are:
Healthy Planet: They have great prices on health products.
Magic Oven: I love eating at this restaurant. No regrets – ever.


The PHARAMAFREAK team – Adam Ali (second from left) and Alex Savva (second from right) – photo courtesy of SNAP North York

Your current webisodes feature an overweight 14-year-old boy named Tristan. Tell us more about him, how far he’s come and what else you have in store for him. How can we help support Tristan?

I recently took the focus away from me in my videos and reached out to a local youth from the community I serve. His name is Tristan. He has been struggling for years with his weight. When we began the series he was 300 lbs. We are halfway through his transformation and he has made some amazing progress. The goal is to get him down to about 220 before the series his done. It’s a challenge but so is everything else. It’s all mental with him. It’s mostly about behavior modification when dealing with body transformation. Folks can support by sharing and commenting on the video. He likes reading YouTube comments.


Adam and Tristan – photo courtesy of Galistudios

What can we expect from iWontLose and The Goodfit Battles in the future?

I am all about making impact. I will not stop until we have made tremendous impact locally and globally with The Goodfit Battles. Stay up to date by visiting iwontlose.com/blog.





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